Electric Heating Pad for Back Pain and Cramps Relief

Electric Heating Pad for Back Pain and Cramps Relief

(9 customer reviews)


Advanced Nano Technology Heat Pad Deliver Soothes the Pain & Sore Muscle Relief. (30cm x 40cm) – Auto Shut Off, Silky Comfort


  • ✅ AUSSIE OWNED BUSINESS – AUS PLUG-WE DISCOVERED, this heating pad sure hits the spot! PAIN & SORE MUSCLE RELIEF! Neck & Shoulder for cramps relief, lower back pain, MIGRAINES, increases blood flow, stiff joints, knee pains, arthritis and everyday ache VANISHED. Standard size heating pad for cramps and is perfect. Super sturdy and long-lasting and heats to penetrate effectively. This pad DEFINITELY offers significant relief! The final solution for a whole night rest GUARANTEED!
  • ✅ Heat Pads for Cramps works on any genetics made with soft micro plush fibres used in the most luxurious and comfy, multiple settings – moist and dry options machine washable, low, medium, or high-temperature heat settings. Power Source: 220-240~50HZ, 100W. Please read the instructions before use. Discover the unique calming abilities of deep pressure warm stimulation
  • ✅ Imagine the pain free life you are going to build with heat mat electric. Used on your back, wrap sore ankles, swollen knees and soothes overwork calves!!! Use for just 20 minutes daily to increase blood flow to reduce pain and muscle spasms
  • ✅ Heat pad therapy for people who suffer lack of DEEP SLEEP. Excellent gifts for your loved ones and friends in need of Fast help heating penetrates hurting muscles and cramps in seconds, the most reliable heat pack electric you need you’ll wish you found this years ago
  • ✅ Enjoy lifelong treatment for specific back pain aches and sprains, relieves migraines, back pain/ hassle-free lifetime replacement. The heating Pad is Machine Washable, turns off automatically in 90 minutes. We promise to treat you like family. If you are not happy with this purchase, we will refund your money

9 reviews for Electric Heating Pad for Back Pain and Cramps Relief

  1. Mubasher Hassan

    Sam Chung

    I bought this electronic heating pad for my mom excellent product as described highly commended to elderly.

  2. Mubasher Hassan

    PT Mobiles Australia

    My wife currently pregnant and she’s constantly having back pain, I got this yesterday and my wife used it, it was removed the pain instantly and she’s so glad that the back pain eased. So it is nice at the end of long day to sit and use it. This solving problems products and excellent quality for what it’s worth. Mostly recommended for anyone. A+++ products

  3. Mubasher Hassan

    Joile Bui

    Bought this electric heating pad for my mother-in-law and I fell in love with it, well-described, and speedy delivery time. This product helped her manage her arthritis and joint pain. highly commend it to anyone especially the elderly.

  4. Mubasher Hassan

    Dinis and Arpana Carreira

    Love it..Works a treat

  5. Mubasher Hassan


    It does the job it supposed to very well indeed.

  6. Mubasher Hassan


    I love getting home from a busy day at work, putting my feet up and putting my heating pad on the back of my chair so when I sit down my back is warm and pain free. I love it and when I am not looking my partner steals it for himself. I think I‘ll have to buy one for him too.

  7. Mubasher Hassan

    Lynette Jacobson-Joseph

    Easy to use and perfect for any pains

  8. Mubasher Hassan

    Stephanie Nguyen and Andy Thong

    This heating pad has been incredible very softly will cover my spine I had lower back surgery due to sport injuries.I use this everyday.I have purchased for my mother who has lupus and fibromyalgia.she use it for her legs and nerve pain.the best heating pad available at great price.thank you

  9. Mubasher Hassan


    This item was as described and the order was quickly handled & despatched. I cannot talk about comfort or warmth as this a Christmas present for a relative.

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