Hand Placed Dried Flowers Scented Candle Gift Set | Pure Gardenia Fragrance

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Hand Placed Dried Flowers Scented Candle Gift Set | Pure Gardenia Fragrance


DIY OrganicZ Scented with Hand Placed DRIED FLOWER Candle with the pure fragrance of GARDENIA, Great for Gifts or make your room pleasant ambience with the 100% Soy Wax & 5% Pure Essential Oil.


Sold out!


About this product:

  • PURE FRAGRANCES CANDLE This candle set has been conscientiously TESTED FOR PERFECTION and emits smells of Gardenia envelope your home with irresistible and peaceful aroma, perfectly designed to infuse your space with Aromatherapy fragrances, while the warm glow creates a tranquil ambience in every room.
  • ALL NATURAL SOY WAX Made with hand-crafted pure soy wax, WHY SPEND money on a candles that burn out quickly and smell stinky? Our organic, ingredients are what set us apart. Cleaner and more purified air; we offer 100% cotton woven lead-free wicks.
  • LONG BURN TIME (25-30 hours) the best bang for your buck! Tin of scented soy candle is 4.4 oz, with a 25-30 hours burning time, can help in mood enhancing atmospheres, providing aromatherapy, relief and relaxation for you and guests.
  • GORGEOUS & REUSABLE TIN These carefully crafted floral patterned tin can be reused throughout its useful life to make your favourite candle to suit your preference or can be used as a decoration at side table.

THE FINEST GIFT SET If you would like to treat someone like your friend, lover, family or even yourself with some perfection, this is the best gift for you. Not only you can use it in Spa, Yoga this is an amazing gift for any occasion, idea as a gifts for women, birthday, Easter day as a gift to a boyfriend, son, father, or grandfather. This compact candle set is sealed with convenience for you to carry around wherever you go. The quality is perfected by hours of testing to bring perfection.

Undoubtedly these premium DIY OrganicZ candles will haunt you. Once you have seen them you will always come back to our listing where you discovered them.

Their unique beauty is difficult to forget. Do you have matters of the heart that need to be healed?

Is your self-care ritual truly honoring your inner being?

Make time for yourself and light these magical candles and manifest feelings of self-love.

What cannot be portrayed in the images is how these candles make you FEEL when burning them.

DIY OrganicZ chooses a visually stunning combination of fragrances paired with hand-placed love.

Simply light and burn while admiring the chosen beauty or use this candle as a part of your manifestation ritual to focus on feelings of self-love and inner peace.

These are just SOME of the raving reviews we have received from our customer family!


Safe, biodegradable, Eco-Friendly, no dripping, no smoke with 25-30 hours of burn time

The tin would keep the candle self-contained, portable, and safe, helping maintain the candle’s scent throughout its life.

Packed in a classy giftable box. The perfect gift for yourself, your wife, birthday, Anniversary, Valentine’s Day, Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas, or just a reason to say “Thank you”.

Your utmost satisfaction is our prime goal! Feel free to contact us at any time if you have any questions or issues with your order. We take pride in replying within 12 hours.


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